Below is a small sampling of work we can do. Please call us for any requests: 734-744-7466. We can do anything!

Essential Styles - $120

Perm Rod Set

Rock extra bouncy curls that will make you want to whip your hair back and forth

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Two Strand Twists

Twist it up, Queen! This one here is the reigning go-to style of melanated royalty

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Flexirod Set

Slay the day with these supersized spirals fit for a true queen

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Premium Styles - $150

Twist Out

Flaunt beautifully defined and dramatic curls with a little extra sass

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Straight to the back, designs, zig zags ...if you can dream it up, we can braid it up

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Protective Styles - starting at $80

Knotless Box Braids

Braids have been the trusted and go-to protective style since Cleopatra's days. Yup, the queen had extensions too! From bobs to Poetic Justice braids to floor-length and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Let your Good Hair Guru install your new bold, beautiful braided protective style right in the salon. All you need to do it show up.

We'll supply the braiding hair and do all the prep to your own hair. No need to wash and blow out beforehand.

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Faux Locs

Sometimes you have to fake it til’ you make it, honey. And some extra fabulous faux locs with hang time for days are the winning choice every time. Our guests love the softness and realistic texture of the extensions.

Psssst. We can supply the hair too so you don’t have to visit the beauty supply store before your visit.

Ooow! We’re so much more than your average salon, babe.

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Private Consultation
- $63

A consultation with one of our certified Good Hair Gurus will help you understand the state of your hair and we’ll even recommend a salon and home haircare plan.

Upgrades - $16 each

Growth Stimulating Scalp Massage

Enjoy an invigorating and relaxing head massage to stimulate your hair and welcome new growth

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Edge Treatment

Bring your edges back to life with our growth serums and massage designed to work magic on damaged and disappearing edges 

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Upgrades - $26 each

Clarifying Treatment

Let’s purify your curls and coils by gently removing all product buildup to reveal super clean, hella shiny curls that will maximize your style. Your hair will thank you! 

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Hot Oil Treatment

Because nobody has time for frizz. Get this natural oil nourishing treatment to stomp out frizz, reduce hair knots, and grow healthy hair.

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Deep Conditioning

Did you know your hair has a natural shine? But if your shine ain't giving what it’s supposed to give, our natural, African clay-based nourishing treatment will get you all the way together.

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Strengthening Treatment

Baybeee. This right here!  It’s a replenishing, nutrient-infusing, moisturizing treatment that will make your hair super duper strong. Goodbye breakage. Hello, longer & stronger hair!

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Steam Treatment

The haters will wish dry, brittle hair on you. But you don’t have to accept it. Add this maximum moisture steam treatment for softer hair and extreme growth, and let your soooull glooowww.

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Split End Trim

When our Good Hair Gurus give you a professional trim to get rid of dead or split ends, you just might hear the hair gawds applaud. You’ll see the improvement immediately! Get ready for a complete, healthy hair transformation.

This service is $26 with a silk press style (or $68 without)

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Deep Detangling - $21

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, sis. It happens to the best of us. If your hair needs a little extra detangling TLC, this intensive detangling session is for you. Let our Good Hair Gurus add some additional love to ensure your hair is completely ready for washing and styling.

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Updo - $32

You betta work! Pin up your straightened, silky tresses for a classic look

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Hair Jewelry - $13

It’s in the history books. Queens adorned their coils with the finest jewels and decorative pieces. Aren’t you a queen? Aren’t you making history? Well… get into these Good Hair Bar silver, gold, and bling-bling accesories to  perfectly accentuate any style (not just for two-strand twists and protective styles).

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